AI Voyage: Can Conscious Storytelling Save Us?

Saturday, June 22, 11:15 AM

Artificial Intelligence filmmaker Karen Palmer, the Storyteller from the Future, shares her insights into her emotionally responsive film RIOT at the intersection of, AI & bias, gaming, art, neuroscience, behavioural psychology and consciousness. Karen has come back to show us the future of entertainment, but can the future save us?

Karen Palmer


Storyteller from the Future

Karen Palmer is the Storyteller from the Future. She is an Award Winning International Artist and TED Speaker. She creates immersive film experiences at the intersection of film, A.I. technology, gaming, Immersive Storytelling, Neuroscience, Consciousness, Implicit Bias, and the Parkour philosophy of moving through fear.

There have been numerous articles on her work published in Forbes, CBS TV , Fast Company, Engadget, NBC, The Guardian described her work as "It leapfrogs over VR".

She is the creator of RIOT an emotionally responsive, film, which uses facial recognition and A.I. technology to navigate though a dangerous riot. You are confronted by a riot cop. Respond with fear and the film goes in one direction respond with anger and it goes in another. RIOT makes the player aware of their subconscious behaviour and enables them to consciously build new neurological pathways in their brain, to override automatic behaviour responses and create new ones.

The RIOT AI prototype was honoured as part of the Digital Dozen Break Throughs in Storytelling 2017. Columbia DSL acknowledged the most innovative approaches to Narrative in the industries of art, entertainment, journalism and marketing.

The RIOT AI prototype premiered at Festival of The Mind then the Future of Storytelling New York, the V&A in London, the PHI Centre Montreal, Sensory Stories Exhibition, SXSW Austin, The Museum of Modern Art Peru to name a few.

She has spoken at the FoST Global Summit, the Strategic Storytelling Seminar Canada, the Google Cultural Institute in Paris, at the Sydney Opera House TEDx Australia. She was keynote speaker at ZKM Living Amongst Intelligent Machines AI Conference in Germany, the Nederlands Film Festival and Silbersalz Festival, Future, Science & media Festival, Halle Germany. She was opening speaker for Wired for Wonder Festival, the theme was inspiration and wonder in Sydney & Melbourne and the Expanded Realties symposium. Speaker at The future of Immersive Storytelling London, IFA+Summit Innovative Summit in conjunction with the biggest Technology trade show in the world, Berlin. The Neuro-Hackathon London, XConf Technology Conference NY, Strategic Storytelling Seminar NYC Lincoln Centre, MIT Special invited speaker, Sensory Storytelling conference CPH:DOX under the theme, Art, Technology & Change, that focused on the rising political awareness and activism at the intersection of art, technology and social change. She has also been a TED resident NYC and an AI Artist in Residence at ThoughtWorks Technology NYC. Previous immersive storytelling commissions include her project “Evolution” for the 2012 London Olympics Cultural Lead and "Syncself" which was nominated an HBO Award nominations at Filmteractive Festival in Poland.