Sunday, June 3, 10:00 am

First, the big news: The audience at this session was the first to learn that AT&T and its new mobile 5G network is the new official partner of ESL, the leader in the world of esports. That announcement only underscores the size and power of this field, which boasts hundreds of thousands of competitors and fans, dozens of major expo competitions, and more.

The audience was a mix of avid esports fans and players as well as those curious about the next phase of esports—especially as it transitions from big consoles and desktops to mobile devices.

Rachel Quirico, better known by her esports handle “Seltzer” (because of her effervescent personality), engaged the audience right out of the gate, giving some breathtaking statistics about the number of participants in this field and the forecast for growth. Then, she introduced two heavyweight esports commentators, “Halorin” and “Inverum,” who set the stage for the live playoff of the popular game Clash Royale.

Highlights of the session included:

  • Defending world champion Luis Pena facing off against Paola Alejandra, with the mobile screen of their game displayed on the stage screen. Though the orientation of the mobile screen (vertical) was a bit hard to see on the horizontal screen, the play-by-play and explanations of the commentators kept everyone in the loop.
  • Pena beating Alejandra in the first two games, ratcheting up the tension.
  • Alejandra coming from behind to win Game Three to enthusiastic applause.
  • Pena winning the next game and the session with humility and humor.

“Esports really is a true sport,” Halorin said. The competition, the camaraderie among the players, and the training are all very real.

Watch two clips from the session here: 

Rachel Quirico


Esports and Gaming Host

Rachel is a host and interviewer at gaming events around the world. Recently she has traveled Japan with Pokémon GO Travel, represented Ubisoft through the Frag Dolls, and emceed professional gaming events in Asia, Europe, and across the US for games like Overwatch, League of Legends, CounterStrike, and more.

Albert Hailey


Esports Caster

In the past two years, Albert "Halorin" Hailey III has turned his lifelong passion for games into a professional pursuit by becoming a live streamer and commentator. With his trademark genuine enthusiasm, he has most recently lead the analyst desk and called the action for Blizzard's annual college tournament Heroes of the Dorm.

Paul Todkill


Esports Commentator and Digital Marketing Specialist

Paul "InVerum" Todkill focuses on user acquisition and influencer relations. He has been competing in esports since 2007 and has worked to help develop the Canadian esports landscape. He is currently casting the Valor Series for Arena of Valor and pushing to further mobile esports as a whole.

Paola Alejandra


Esports Gamer

Paola Alejandra is a California-based gamer, esports host, model, and interviewer. Her passion for video games is matched only by her drive to create compelling content. Growing up with a love of first-person shooters and RPGs inspired her to establish her own gaming publication ( and podcast (GGGW Podcast) in 2012. Over the course of her career, she has attended and hosted coverage for gaming expos such as E3, Comic-Con, C2E2, Penny Arcade Expo, Blizzcon, Anime Expo, Evo, Twitchcon, Gamescom, IEM Katowice, and many more. She also has deep passion for the art of cosplay. Her cosplay work has been featured on MTV, WWE, and Tokyo Journal. Paola’s positive, personality-driven hosting style, along with her tri-lingual background (English, Spanish, Portuguese), make her a versatile and influential voice within the gaming community.

Luis Pena


Esports Gamer

Trainer Luis, a former Clash Royale professional player, is now the current Head Coach for Immortals. Trainer Luis led  Venezuela to a third-place finish in the World Cup, being the only undefeated player in the whole tournament. He is now a student at University of California, Los Angeles who hopes to eventually end up working full-time in the industry.

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