Recap AT&T Create-a-thon in New York: Shorts that make you think
AT&T Create-a-thon at SHAPE July 2017
by Ed Donahue 09.22.2017 09:20 PM
Over one weekend, 32 teams took to the streets of New York to create short films on a variety of topics including how to spot a child having a stroke and making time to find meaning in life. See which shorts won and learn about the tool many teams used to create an entire short using a mobile phone.

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3 Elements of magic and the bond between technology and illusion
Marco Tempest at AT&T SHAPE
by Christy Roland 09.07.2017 08:58 PM
At AT&T SHAPE in Los Angeles, cyber illusionist Marco Tempest demonstrated how magic and AR can merge to create fascinating tricks at his talk on “Inventing the Impossible.” He also shares his thoughts on collaboration, technology, and the role the magician plays in foretelling the future.

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A million-dollar opportunity: Underrepresented filmmaker Faraday Okoro on what it means to win AT&T Untold Stories
Tribeca Film Institute and AT&T
by Christy Roland 08.30.2017 08:58 PM
Earlier this year, AT&T and Tribeca Film Institute announced the inaugural winner of the AT&T Untold Stories. Learn about winner Faraday Okoro’s experience and the advice he received from award-winning actor Jeffery Wright and Amy Hobby, Executive Director of the Tribeca Film Institute.

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7 Programs aimed at increasing diversity in filmmaking
AT&T Entertainment Project past finalist Lexi Hiland
by Dave Okamoto 08.23.2017 03:19 PM
A recent study conducted by USC’s Annenberg’s Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative analyzed diversity in filmmaking in Hollywood. The study was a ten-year research project that looked at various metrics across the industry. Learn more about the results of the study, as well as some of the recent programs that have been established to increase diversity in filmmaking.

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How the network revolution will drastically change the way we live and what we can do about it
Gerd Leonard at AT&T SHAPE
by Christy Roland 08.21.2017 08:00 AM
In the next 20 years, technology will change the way we live. We are at the beginning of this powerful transformation and we have a big say in how it will all turn out. Find out why Futurist and Author Gerd Leonhard believes that’s a good thing and what we need to do make sure the change goes smoothly.

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How technology will transform 2028 Olympic experience in Los Angeles
Casey Wasserman and Andrew Keen at Futurecast - AT&T SHAPE
by Christy Roland 08.17.2017 08:03 PM
L.A. won the bid for the Summer Olympics in 2028. The Futurecast at SHAPE featured Casey Wasserman and California state officials discussing their plans for the event and how technology will change the way the world experiences the games. See what they had to say.

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Lights, camera, action: Create a short film or video at AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon
AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon
by Ed Donahue 08.09.2017 09:20 AM
UPDATE: Winners Announced – See which shorts won

Find out how to get the chance to spend the weekend of July 14-15 producing a short film or video content on-site at Warner Bros. Studios at the AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon.

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What we learned at SHAPE: Convergence is revolutionizing the entertainment landscape
Entrance gate at AT&T SHAPE in 2017
by Christy Roland 08.07.2017 10:50 PM
How are technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and software-driven filmmaking experiences contributing to and transforming how we consume entertainment? That’s exactly what some of the top minds in the entertainment and technology industries came together to discuss at AT&T SHAPE held at Warner Bros. Studios on July 14th and 15th. The two-day event, which was open to the public, hosted some of the most innovative filmmakers of our time and spurred stimulating conversations among attendees and speakers alike. Read all about it…

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How technology changes everything: The evolution of celebrity and what it means for content
John Stankey Consumer panel
by Christy Roland 08.02.2017 06:15 PM
Just a little over a decade ago things in the media world were quite different. Streaming services didn’t develop and distribute their own content. Consumers couldn’t interact directly with celebrities. Shows were either 30-minute or 60-minute episodes as dictated by TV. Now that’s all changed. See how industry insiders Kate Hudson, Michael Kives, and Van Toffler view the landscape today.

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Tagline Podcast @ SHAPE: Engineering Creativity
by Dave Okamoto 07.31.2017 10:19 PM
Join us for “Tagline,” a podcast produced by iHeartRadio in partnership with Advertising Age. This episode of Tagline focuses on what it means to engineer content, develop creative and create entertainment in an age of VR, AI, and unprecedented access to capture, consume and curate on our own terms.

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