Meet the AT&T Film Awards Finalists
AT&T Film Awards badge
by Dave Okamoto 06.03.2018 02:17 AM
In February, we called for submissions for the 2018 SHAPE edition of the AT&T Film Awards, an open competition seeking imaginative, undiscovered short films from aspiring storytellers. The time has come to announce the finalists. See the shorts that made the cut.

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AT&T Entertainment App Challenge
AT&T Entertainment App Challenge
by Ben Nelson 05.31.2018 05:34 PM
We invited developers, designers, and creators to use AI, VR,MR, AR, IoT, and robotics to hack the way we create and experience entertainment. We were looking for innovative ideas and solutions that can disrupt content consumption. See how you can be part of the judging.

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Behind the Scenes: Meet the Winner of the SHAPE AT&T Film Awards for the Best Underrepresented Filmmaker Category
Stereotyped movie poster
by Dave Okamoto 05.31.2018 05:19 PM
We’re pleased to announce the AT&T Film Awards winner for the Underrepresented Filmmaker category. STEREOTYPED follows the story of a young Spaniard actress who arrives to the U.S. only to discover she’s a walking Latina stereotype. Learn more about the inspiration for this comedy from filmmaker Andrea Vicunia.

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Behind the Scenes: Meet the Winner of the SHAPE AT&T Film Awards Best Film Shot on Mobile
New York The Place we Live In movie poster
by Dave Okamoto 05.31.2018 05:06 PM
We’re pleased to announce the AT&T Film Awards winner for the Best Short Shot on Mobile. This intriguing documentary, New York, The Place We Live In, utilized mobile technology to provide an inside look at the excitement of the big city and the many stories that reside in it. Learn more about filmmaker Sung In Sohn experience using only mobile devices to create a three-minute documentary.

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Convergence in Journalism: The Evolution of Traditional Media to Backpack Journalism VR, and Beyond
photo of people looking at devices
by Christy Roland 05.16.2018 09:26 PM
As more consumers turn to digital outlets to consume news, journalists and media organizations are reshaping their approach to content creation and distribution. Learn about how convergence in journalism is changing not only the way we get our news, but how reporters deliver it, and the new frontiers still yet to explore.

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Network Convergence 101: Examples and Perspectives that Form a Connected World
network convergence concept photo
by Christy Roland 04.30.2018 03:18 PM
Our world revolves around our access to media and technology, so we can do things like video streaming, internet shopping, and video conferencing with our peers, families, or friends. Network convergence is a key element to making it all possible. Learn what network convergence is and how it works, its infrastructure and history, challenges and successes, and what to expect next.

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Enter the 2018 AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon for a Chance to Film at Warner Bros. Studios
AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon for 2018
by Ed Donahue 04.26.2018 02:39 PM
Do you love film or video? Do you have a story to tell? We invite you to enter the AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon, a competition that challenges content creators and filmmakers to produce a short film during a weekend. Find out how you can spend the weekend of June 2-3 filming a scene for your entry on-site at Warner Bros. Studios.

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What’s Happening at SHAPE 2018 in L.A.
by Christy Roland 04.20.2018 08:56 PM
The AT&T SHAPE event will be held at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles on June 2-3, 2018. Get all the details of what’s happening at the event including the AI, AR, VR, and MR exhibits, inspiring speakers including Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae, and studio tours.

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AT&T IoT Civic Hackathon with Over $15,000 in Prizes
Mobile Emergency Center
by Ben Nelson 04.12.2018 04:55 PM
One of our biggest hackathon events of the year also happens to be our 200th hackathon. Join us for our third annual AT&T IoT Civic Hackathon in Indianapolis at the Indiana IoT lab on Friday, April 20th for a chance to win your share of over $15,000 in prizes. You’ll hear from amazing speakers, have access to a plethora of gear, and even have an opportunity to check out EMS vehicles and talk to responders who use this equipment daily.

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Create-a-thon Recap: 63 Shorts that Focus on the Convergence of Technology and Film
photo of film crew
by Ben Nelson 03.30.2018 03:00 PM
What happens when over 350 passionate creators based in LA come together to make shorts over the span of a weekend? 63 truly innovative and inspiring short films, with 15 of those entries using technology to help tell their stories. From a documentary about Jackson Market to an entry that used a drone to capture unique shots, you won’t believe which shorts won.

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