Is Content King?
Bharat Anand
by Andrew Keen 08.21.2018 03:45 PM
Is the idea that “content is king” mistaken? Hear what the author of The Content Trap: The Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change thinks it takes to make online businesses successful.

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Surprising Secrets and Actionable Examples of Immersive Experiences
woman using vr headset
by Christy Roland 08.17.2018 03:03 PM
A truly immersive experience is one that creates a sense of flow and it can come in many different forms. In fact, you’ve probably participated in one and didn’t even know it. See our comprehensive list of examples and learn some secrets to creating the ultimate immersive experience.

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SHAPE 2018: Where the Deeply Personal and the Blazingly Technical Intersect
Sean Combs at 2018 AT&T SHAPE
by Christy Roland 08.16.2018 03:30 PM
Learn how 2018 AT&T SHAPE speakers, exhibitors, and participants embraced both digital convergence, with a variety of mind-blowing technologies, and a passion for having every story find its audience and every audience find its voice.

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Recap: AT&T Create-a-thon – New York
February 2018 New York City AT&T Create-a-thon winners photo
by Ed Donahue 08.15.2018 03:15 PM
On February 23 – 25, the AT&T Developer Program hosted our first New York AT&T Create-a-thon of the year! Over 250 creators, filmmakers, and media makers showed up and created 52 shorts in just one weekend. Watch the winning films.

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Recap: AT&T Entertainment Hackathon – Bay Area
July 2018 Bay Area AT&T Hackathon participants photo
by Ed Donahue 08.13.2018 09:25 PM
At the end of July, the AT&T Developer Program went to Santa Clara, CA for an entertainment hackathon at Hacker Dojo. Over 120 developers, designers, and students showed up to create projects ranging from an app that can choose a playlist based on your heart rate to an easy way for brand ambassadors to promote videos from advertisers.

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New Technologies to Empower Artists
Wyatt Jenkins
by Andrew Keen 07.16.2018 05:12 PM

Andrew Keen interviews Wyatt Jenkins from Patreon re: new technologies that empower artists

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AT&T Futurist Report: Blended Reality–The Future of Entertainment, 5G, & Mobile Edge Computing
blended reality illustration
by Jeana Chaffin 06.26.2018 04:13 PM
Reality is up for grabs. The Internet is no longer a place we go to through our smartphones, laptops, or other connected devices. The network is becoming an overlay on top of our physical world. Over the next decade, most everything around us will become connected and interconnected, intelligent and communicative. Get the latest Futurist Report—Blended Reality: The Future of Entertainment, 5G, and Mobile Edge Computing.

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Behind the Scenes: Meet the Winner for Best Short in the 360 Cinematic Category at the SHAPE AT&T Film Awards
My Africa movie poster
by Dave Okamoto 06.25.2018 05:43 PM
We’re pleased to announce the AT&T Film Awards winner for the Best Short 360 Cinematic. The winning documentary My Africa explores a remote corner of Kenya, where elephant herds are thriving and where a young woman recounts her own story about a life intertwined with wildlife. Learn more about the organizations that teamed up to make the film: Conservation International, Passion Planet, and Vision3.

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Behind the Scenes: Meet the SHAPE AT&T Film Awards Co-Winner for Best Emerging Artist–Bola Ogun
Are We Good Parents? movie poster
by Dave Okamoto 06.19.2018 06:17 PM
We’re pleased to announce the three AT&T Film Awards winners for Best Emerging Artist. One of three co-winners, Are We Good Parents?, explores society’s expectations through the eyes of parents who suddenly wonder if they have unintentionally sent their young daughter preconceived notions of “acceptable” sexuality. Learn more about director Bola Ogun and the team who helped her create the film.

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Behind the Scenes: Meet the SHAPE AT&T Film Awards Co-Winner for Best Emerging Artist–Jonah Ansell
Moose movie poster
by Dave Okamoto 06.19.2018 05:12 PM
We’re pleased to announce the three AT&T Film Awards winners for Best Emerging Artist. One of three co-winners, MOOSE, explores the idea of empathy for the “other.” Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, the film is written in verse to appeal to both children and adults. Learn more about director Jonah Ansell.

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