4 Secrets to knock your Shape Challenge out of the park
by Andrea Morton 03.16.2016 10:29 PM

AT&T Park 2.jpgOkay, so you have a great idea and a fantastic hook for the AT&T Shape Challenge—but what now? Read on to learn some best practices that can help. 

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Shape the future for a chance to win $50K
by Andrea Morton 02.17.2016 02:59 AM

last minute refining.jpgHackathons are an amazing way to turn an idea into an app in a short period of time. How do you take it to the next level and transform it into something more?

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Recap: Hackathon at Nova Southeastern University in Florida
by Andrea Morton 12.30.2015 08:01 PM

South Florida.pngWhat were the winning apps created at our last hackathon in 2015? Don’t wait another minute to find out. 

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Recap: Virtual Reality Hackathon and Workshop in Boston, powered by AT&T
by Andrea Morton 11.19.2015 08:44 PM

viewfinder.pngVirtual Reality (VR) is moving at high speeds as more innovation is done daily. In Boston, we challenged over 100 developers and designers to move even faster to create VR apps over two days. See what they created!

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Extending Mobile Apps to Wearables and Finding the Sweet Spot in AR/VR Development – 2016 Developer Summit Session Preview
by Andrea Morton 10.26.2015 09:20 PM

Georgina-Rift Ed blog.jpgTop executives deliver major announcements in a keynote, and there are sessions immediately following that go into more detail about the news at the 2016 Developer Summit. I usually use my session to provide details, guidance, and trends. Find out more about the tools and tips you’ll get in Developing for Wearables, IoT, and Beyond!

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3 Expert Videos to Help You Conquer WebRTC
by Andrea Morton 09.23.2015 04:22 PM

Web video series.pngYou told us that some WebRTC concepts like CORS, DHS, OAuth are complicated. So we have started a series of short “How To” video tutorials that explain the concepts and provide step-by-step instructions. Read on to learn more about the video series, so you can quickly integrate WebRTC into your app and make it even more awesome

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Top 19 Companies in WebRTC
by Andrea Morton 08.31.2015 08:36 PM

webrtc fb480.jpgWho are the top users of the WebRTC Stack? Read on to find out…

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AT&T VR Mobile App Hackathon – SF
by Andrea Morton 06.26.2015 08:58 PM

SF VR Hack.pngLearn more about the great apps Bay Area developers built using a Samsung Gear VR during our first ever virtual reality focused hackathon in San Francisco. Be sure to vote for your favorite in the comments to help select our $250 Community Choice Award winner.

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WebRTC Use Cases
by Andrea Morton 03.04.2015 08:24 PM

Web_RTC_interbrand.pngLearn more about our Enchanced WebRTC API Production Beta and some of the ways developers are using it in their apps.

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Mobile App Strategy Workshop
by Andrea Morton 02.19.2014 08:57 PM

Know My App.pngLast week, that Application Developer Alliance came to Seattle for a workshop on mobile application monetization. The AT&T Developer program was there
to present as a part of the CTIA KnowMyApp.org project.

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