Published: Jul 26, 2016
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Useful resources for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality developers

Author: Andrea Morton

VR resources

Post by Dave Okamoto, Senior Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Developer Program

We’ve compiled a useful list of resources for developers interested in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) development. From hardware OEM developer programs, to software technologies, open-source platforms, APIs, and game engines, you’ll find a wealth of information for developing VR and AR solutions.

In addition, you’ll find an introductory list of related books and events that might be worth considering. These resources are by no means exhaustive, so we’d love to hear your feedback  and any additional information you would like to recommend to the community. Please add them to the comments section below.

Hardware VR and AR Tools

HTC Vive Developer

The Vive Developer portal includes tools and resources for developing immersive virtual reality experiences for the HTC Vive.

Developer Site

LG Friends Developer

You can create VR apps for LG 360 VR. To get started, you’ll need to register for the LG Friends Developer program.

Oculus Developer Center

The Oculus Developer Center provides access to the Oculus SDK, documentation, game engine integrations, and demos.

Developer Site


OSVR is an open-source software platform for virtual and augmented reality. It allows discovery, configuration, and operation of hundreds of VR/AR devices and peripherals. OSVR supports multiple game engines and operating systems, and provides services such as asynchronous time warp and direct mode in support of low-latency rendering. OSVR software is provided free under Apache 2.0 license.

OSVR Developer Portal

Samsung Developers US

The Samsung Developers Portal provides developers with some fundamentals, articles, and tutorials to get you started creating virtual reality experiences, apps, and games for the Gear VR.

Developer Site

VR and AR Software


The AltspaceVR Developer Portal provides resources for the AltspaceVR SDK, which enables the construction of holographic, multi-user web apps and experiences for virtual reality. The AltspaceVR SDK can be used together with three.js and other javascript libraries to create a variety of content that can be experienced with consumer VR hardware like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Developer Site

Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard is a free, cross-platform 3D game engine for developers to use to create high-quality games, connect games to the AWS Cloud, and engage fans on Twitch. Lumberyard Beta 1.3 introduces VR and HDR support.

Developer Site

Augmented Reality Open API Specification

JavaScript programming APIs for Augmented Reality Open API Specification.

Developer Site

Cardboard VR

Google provides developers with two virtual reality (VR) platforms: Cardboard, the world’s most popular and accessible mobile VR platform, and Daydream, a new platform for low-latency, immersive, and interactive mobile VR. The Google VR SDKs include everything you need to develop for these platforms, including libraries, API documentation, developer samples, and design guidelines.

Google Developer Site


Catchoom’s image recognition technology brings you the tools you need to create digital experiences for the real world. Their flagship product, CraftAR, combines image recognition technology with an easy augmented reality content creation tool. Point a phone at a real world object to make an AR experience pop up or retrieve links, coupons or other related content.

Developer Site


EasyAR is a free, open-source augmented reality engine. No watermark, and no limitation of recognition times.



The Gear VR Framework (GearVRf) Project is an open source collaboration based on the GearVRf open-source rendering library for application development on VR-supported Android devices. GearVRf makes it easy to develop compelling VR applications for Samsung Gear VR.

GearVRf Developer Site

High Fidelity

High Fidelity is an open source, shared VR application that gives people a virtual platform to build whatever universe they want and share it with others. Makers, artists, students, and enthusiasts can launch and share interconnected virtual reality environments using High Fidelity.

Company website


VRWorks™ is a comprehensive suite of APIs, libraries, and engines that enable application and headset developers to create amazing virtual reality experiences. VRWorks enables a new level of presence by bringing physically realistic visuals, sound, touch interactions, and simulated environments to virtual reality.

NVIDIA Developer

Unity Engine

Unity is a multi-platform development tool used to develop video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices, and websites. Unity 5.1 onwards contains built-in support for certain VR devices.

Unity VR documentation


The Vuforia Studio Enterprise is a new tool for authoring and publishing augmented reality experiences for the enterprise. Vuforia Studio Enterprise is seamlessly integrated with PTC’s Creo CAD visualization and illustration software and THingWorx Internet of Things platform to quickly and easily add an augmented reality component to connected things such as manufacturing and factory equipment to solar panels and medial devices. PTC completed the acquisition of the Vuforia business from Qualcomm in November of 2015.

Vuforia Developer Portal


Wikitude’s augmented reality SDK is a library for location-based AR, image recognition and tracking for Android and iOS.

Company website

VR and AR Books

Learning Virtual Reality: Developing Immersive Experiences and Applications for Desktop, Web, and Mobile

Author: Tony Parisi

Learning Virtual Reality takes you from the basics of UI design in VR, to creating apps for the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Cardboard, WebVR, and more. According to Parisi, the book is not intended for those without any programming skills whatsoever, “readers should know the basics of Javascript, Java, C#, or another C-family programming language.”

Order via

Virtual Reality Insider: Guidebook for the VR Industry

Author: Sky Nite

This book provides an overview and guidebook for consumer virtual reality. The Second Edition Update (published December 2015) includes updates on the latest developments in VR, and incorporates the author’s experience starting a VR content company.

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Unity Virtual Reality Projects

Author: Jonathan Linowes

Learn the basic principles of virtual reality applications and get to know how they differ from games and desktop apps. The book walks you through several different types of VR solutions, first person controllers, riding on rails, 360 projections, and social VR.

Order via

Upcoming VR and AR Event Calendar


This event is for brands, agencies, and companies working on or considering VR solutions. Attendees will gain unique insights from cutting-edge VR experience companies, view immersive demos of VR experiences, and network with executives in the AR and VR space.

New York, December 16, 2016

Registration site

VRX 2016

VRX event series brings together leading VR content creators, commercial leaders, analysts and experts, focused on the considerable consumer growth in VR.

San Francisco, December 7-8, 2016

Registration site

VRTO – Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo 2017

The VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo in Toronto, Canada is a unique event featuring two sides: a public facing exhibition for the VR-curious and an advanced vertically-minded industry summit. It will be the largest VR Show on the East Coast of North America.

Toronto, June 24-26, 2017

Registration site

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