Published: Jul 31, 2017
Updated: Jul 31, 2017

Tagline Podcast @ SHAPE: Engineering Creativity

Author: Dave Okamoto

TaglineJoin us for “Tagline,” a podcast produced by iHeartRadio in partnership with Advertising Age. This episode of Tagline focuses on what it means to engineer content, develop creative and create entertainment in an age of VR, AI, and unprecedented access to capture, consume and curate on our own terms. Guests include AT&T’s SVP of Advertising and Creator Lab, Valerie Vargas, BBDO CEO Andrew Robertson, creators Shannon Boodram and Alexis G. Zall, and moderated by iHeartMedia CMO, Gayle Troberman.

Recorded across the street at iHeartMedia Studios during our AT&T SHAPE event, the Tagline podcast brought together content creators and media and advertising executives, discussing what it means to engineer content and develop creative in today’s environment.

AT&T’S Val Vargas, BBDO’s Andrew Robertson, iHeartMedia’s Gayle Troberman, ‘ZallGood’ star Alexis Zall, and ‘Laid’ author Shannon Boodram from the latest episode of the ‘Tagline’ podcast. Photo credit: iHeartMedia


Moderator Gayle Troberman, Chief Marketing Officer at iHeartMedia asked—“Everyone can be hosting and creating at an insane speed, do you think we are losing the craft? Do you think this is a risk today?”

“We have to add to the world, not just pollute it. The great joy of everything that has happened technologically is it has enabled people who have creative talent, who have now a voice, not just to produce stuff, but to put stuff out in front of people and build an audience that they understand and can keep serving…for advertisers and marketers to rush to produce stuff is a mistake – just concentrate on producing something that is really good, and increases the chance of being chosen and picked up by consumers should be the goal,” said Andrew Robertson, CEO of BBDO.

Val Vargas, AT&T’s SVP of Adverting and Creator Lab, discussed the intersection of technology, creativity and media. “As a brand, we are the first ones to say, we can’t dream this all up inside (AT&T), and our best opportunity is when we collaborate with others…finding ways to naturally tell the story, one that a creator wants to do that can reach their millions of followers is a really nice point where the two can come together.”

“The people, the social media influencers who have a point of view or have something they want to say, those are the ones who hold onto their audience,” said social media influencer and Fullscreen and YouTube star, Alexis G. Zall.

Is there a technology that excites you guys most?
“I really like the idea of Virtual Reality and where that can go, especially giving people access…a form of giving you practice in a safe space and allowing you to press stop whenever you’re uncomfortable,” said Shannon Boodram.

Listen to the entire conversation between Troberman, Robertson, Vargas, and social media influencers Zall and Boodram now. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast in the comments section below!

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