Published: Apr 27, 2016
Updated: Apr 27, 2016

Shape: The next generation tech expo

Author: Andrea Morton

The Yard.jpgFor two days in July (15-16), AT&T is taking over AT&T Park in San Francisco to hold the Shape Tech Expo filled with imaginative initiatives that inspire change. At Shape, you can explore exhibits featuring groundbreaking tech, see visionaries speak about the future, and even enroll your kids in Maker Camp Live where they’ll create cool projects they can take home. We’ll also be hosting the Shape Hackathon at the ballpark where developers can win substantial cash prizes for creating an app in 24 hours. At the center of the event is the Shape Challenge, where participants who submitted projects to the competition months in advance get a chance to pitch their ideas live on the Shape stage and win $50,000.

Explore the Shape Exhibits

At AT&T Park, we’ll have exhibits set up where you can play with the latest tech toys, see hands-on demos of the hottest virtual reality products, or get a glimpse at what cities of the future might look like. See how thoughtful, useful tech innovations will shape the future. There will be five focus areas to explore:

Internet of Things (IoT): We are more connected to “Things” than ever, and those “Things” connect to each other. Our home appliances can communicate with us through smartphone apps. Our cars can monitor our driving habits and tell us when they need maintenance. Wonder what “Things” will be connected in the future? Stroll through this exhibit to see how IoT is going to continue to make our lives easier.

Emerging Technologies: Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) aren’t just things we see in the movies. Advancements in these two categories are made daily. Check out the tech we once thought was the stuff of science fiction and see how it will be changing our lives in the future.

Smart Cities: You may have heard of smart cities, but what does it really mean? Here’s your chance to learn how mining the data of a city can make it more energy efficient, run better, and improve our quality of life.

Virtual Reality: 3D video was just the beginning. With Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) we can explore worlds unknown to us. In the near future, we’ll be able to step inside a favorite film, visit cities you’ve never seen, and use holograms to talk to people far away. See how the latest tools and technologies are helping us to bypass the screen entirely.

Wearables: Designers and technologists are coming together to create fashionable clothing that can monitor our heart rate, keep us cool, and help us meet our fitness goals. Skip the New York runway shows and come experience first hand how fabrics and sensors mingle to make fitness and wellness more accessible.

Come to a Friday Night Meetup

We’ve invited IoT Silicon Valley meetup, IoT NY meetup, IoT Inc Business meetup, and SF IoT meetup to help kick off the sharing of great ideas at Shape. Join us on Friday night, starting at 6:00 pm to connect with others with an evening of talks, networking and entertainment. Here’s some information on what you can expect at the meetup panels:

Women on the Rise: Building Careers and Communities   

6 – 6:45 pm, Friday, July 15 on the Main Stage

This panel of community leaders will discuss what it takes to inspire the next generation while supporting the career growth of today’s technologists. They’ll talk about building different types of communities, whether communities are in competition with each other, and why communities are important and necessary for innovation.

Connecting the IoT Community

7 – 7:45 pm, Friday, July 15 on the Main Stage

IoT is one of the hottest areas in technology. Hear from organizers of some of the largest IoT meetups about why they started their meetups, how they have seen interest grow in just a few short years, where they see IoT going, and what local resources are available for beginners and experts alike to stay up to date on this fast-growing area.

Attend a Futurecast Featuring  Kenny Lauer, Vice President of Marketing and Digital of the Golden State Warriors

Join Ericsson and AT&T Foundry at SHAPE tech expo for our latest Futurecast as we explore the ways the multi-billion-dollar sports industry is evolving in our on-demand, always-connected world – and where the most innovative sporting organizations are going next. Just as technology has reshaped so many other aspects of daily life, it’s brought new dimensions to the way sports are played, as well as the ways fans engage with their favorite teams and players. From real-time data analytics, 3D video replays and live online streaming, to social media, wearable tech, virtual reality and more, sports in the 21st century is a whole new ball game. Get a front row to seat to see this intimate discussion with Kenny Lauer, Vice President of Marketing and Digital of the Golden State Warriors.

Hear How the Visionaries of Today Envision the Future

We’ve invited the top visionary minds of our time to speak at Shape and share their thoughts on their respective industries and what we can expect next. Hear their insights on the next big thing and how innovative technologies will pave the way. Speakers include:

  • Ray Kurzweil, Co-Founder and Chancellor of Singularity University; Director of Engineering at Google
  • Jared Leto, Actor, Musician, and Director
  • John Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer and Group President AT&T Technology and Operations
  • Dr. Fei-Fei Li, Director of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • Jason Silva, Host of National Geographic’s Emmy-nominated series Brain Games
  • Nate Silver, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of FiveThirtyEight
  • John Stankey, CEO of AT&T Entertainment Group, AT&T Services Inc.

Bring Kids to Maker Camp Live

Combining the best parts of summer camp with starter projects, Maker Camp Live is designed to ignite a child’s imagination. There are three projects just for kids to use their tinkering, hacking, and crafting skills. The first workshop on soldering is a pre-requisite for the other two activities: creating a traffic light controller and transforming different energy sources into IoT solutions or wearables. Best of all Maker Camp Live is included with the purchase of an Expo pass. However, space is limited, so sign up today to reserve a spot.

Compete for Prizes at the Shape Hackathon and Shape Challenge

It just wouldn’t be an AT&T Developer event if we didn’t have a hackathon. Here’s your chance to attend a hackathon at AT&T Park. We’ll bring the tech and grub, you bring your ideas and skills and create an app in 24 hours. Your solutions need to leverage AT&T or DIRECTV APIs to win the best overall app category. In addition to those prizes, you can also enter your app in the Kicker Contests and Accelerator and Sponsor Challenges.

In addition to the hackathon at the event, we’ve also created the Shape Challenge where students, developers, and entrepreneurs can enter their product/app for a chance to win $50,000. Unlike a hackathon where you create an app in just 24 hours, we’re looking for something that is already well underway. We want to see apps/projects that are close to completion. We’re looking for solutions in these four categories: Smart Cities, Augmented Networks, Connected Things, and Immersive Video. We’ll choose the top 20 teams to live pitch their apps on the Shape stage. If you’ve got something that’s a perfect fit, enter it by May 6, 2016.*

Rock Out to iHeartRadio LIVE with Silversun Pickups at AT&T Park

On Saturday night, we invite you to experience the evocative music of Silversun Pickups as they perform hits from their critically acclaimed album Better Nature.

If all this sounds like a great way to spend a weekend in July, then register today for the chance to experience AT&T Park in a whole new way.


* The Shape Challenge is open to US residents of majority age. Void where prohibited. Subject to official rules available here.

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