Published: Jun 19, 2018
Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Meet the SHAPE AT&T Film Awards Co-Winner for Best Emerging Artist–Jonah Ansell

Author: Dave Okamoto

In February, we called for groundbreaking short films from aspiring storytellers using forward-looking techniques for the 2018 SHAPE edition of the AT&T Film Awards.

Filmmakers answered the call, with more than 1,500 outstanding entrants vying for a chance to win their share of $60,000 in prizes. We’re pleased to spotlight director Jonah Ansell, one of the three co-winners of the Best Emerging Artist prize of $20,000.

Ansell is based in Malibu, CA. His animated film is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, and the part of the owl in the woods is voiced by actress Kathy Bates. We asked Ansell about his project.

Jonah AnsellDirector Jonah Ansell

Q: What is the main message behind MOOSE?

A: My short asks the question, “Can you see an ‘other’ as your brother?” It shows how it’s possible to create empathy, even across great divides—like human vs. moose.

Q: What is the premise of the film?
A: After a hunter kills a large male moose in the woods, the moose’s son seeks out the house where the hunter and his son live. At first, the young moose seeks revenge and focuses on stealing all the guns and bullets at the house to save the rest of his tribe. But, when the young moose meets the young son of the hunter, they have a conversation that shifts the perspective of each of them.


Moose movie poster

Q: Has your film been shown anywhere else?

A: No, the AT&T SHAPE Film Awards will be its public debut.



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