Published: Jun 23, 2019
Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Day 1 of SHAPE ReCap: Empowering Speakers, Space Exploration, and Immersive Experiences

Author: Dan McCorriston

Shape Hedge
Before the gates even opened to the public, the excitement was in the air—so much to explore. The first day of the event delivered with a ton of interactive exhibits—many of them demonstrating the experiences that 5G will empower—and even a chance to kill a white walker (we’re talking to you Game of Thrones fans). Inspirational speakers wowed us and challenged us to take a look at the world differently. Attendees got a chance to see the work of some talented emerging filmmakers.

Speakers Take to the SHAPE Stage

Crowds filtered into Stage 26 on the Warner Bros. lot. Speaker after speaker shared with the audience the importance of being authentic, how technology is a valuable story telling tool, and the magic of everyday life.

Rooster Teeth’s Haunter


What kind of a spooky ghost hunting show would you expect from Co-Founder of Rooster Teeth, Geoff Ramsey? According to him, if you’re scared of something, turn it into a show and then you have to face it. Ramsey believes in ghosts; he even met one when he was a kid. The thing about existing ghost hunting shows that had him scratching his head was the simple fact that no one was ever really scared on those shows. Thus, Haunter was born. Co-creator Daniel Fabelo does not believe in ghosts; he believes in keeping the guys on task. The duo screened a yet un-aired version of Haunter that follows them through a Geol in Melbourne, Australia where the infamous Ned Kelly died. The audience laughed as some of the ghost hunting team thought it would be a good idea to taunt the ghosts.

AI Voyage with Karen Palmer

This dynamic storyteller has been paying attention to the role of technology. She examines how advancements like power of AI and what our eye movements tell us about and where our sympathies lie. Palmer is extremely interested in overcoming obstacles and the power of using storytelling and technology to move through fear. Throughout her talk, she shared clips that exemplified her point and the importance of questioning, instead of going along. Watch her talk at SHAPE.

Taking Cinematic VR into Space – Literally!

Sunit WilliamsSitting in Stage 26 watching some powerful footage of space, the International Space Station (ISS), and the moon, it was easy to feel a bit like you were watching something you’d see in a planetarium. This session also featured Astronaut Sunit Williams, Dylan Mathis, Communications Manager for ISS, and Felix LaJeunesse, Co-Founder and Creative Director for Felix & Paul Studios.

In January of this year, Felix & Paul Studios got a specially made camera that could film 3D, 360-degree visuals so they can create The ISS Experience. We learned about the challenges they had to overcome to get VR in space, how the astronauts at the space station are critical to the project’s success. The goal is to take millions of minds to space and inspire audiences around the world. Space exploration journey is about all of us. Watch this session to learn more about what might happen in space the next 50 years.

Tyra Banks Is Blazing Trails

Tyra BanksWe all followed Tyra on a journey back in time to 1991 when she first got her big break in modeling. Two weeks before she was supposed to start college, she got called to Paris. We all sat on the edge of our seats, as Tyra took us back to a time where the internet was in its infancy, and the modeling game was unkind. All of this led up to Tyra announcing her latest project: Modelland (based on the book she wrote of the same name). In about six or seven months, she’ll open the first location in Santa Monica. While you’ll be able to learn beauty tips and tricks, there will be tons of experience. One of Banks’ missions for the destination is that they want to take care of your face and your body, but they also want to take care of your heart.

The Scully Effect

You could feel the girl power in the audience with tons of cheers for women who are following their dreams in STEM fields. In a session that could only begin with an examination of The X-Files, Jillian Anderson explained just what the “Scully Effect” is all about. Dana Scully, was a strong woman who was smart and also a doctor. As a result, our society began to see a shift in how many women started to pursue work in STEM fields. This panel’s moderator, Dr. Erin MacDonald, followed a similar path and made a point of welcoming, with pure joy, the Girl Scout troop and the group of Girls Who Code in the audience.

Geena Davis

Academy Award Winner Geena Davis’s foundation did a study on this phenomenon. They found that Dr. Scully inspired 63 percent of the women surveyed who are currently in STEM fields. Davis explained that changing these stereotypes on films and TV going forward is easy to do. Once a script is ready but isn’t cast yet, cross out the male names and put in female names.

Actress Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory is a scientist, an actress, and a person who plays a doctor on TV. She’s found that being a scientist is instrumental to her life and the way she sees the world. Bialik believes that part of seizing our real power as women is understanding our limitations and how to jump those hurdles, so we can still have a life and career that’s fruitful and creative.

AT&T Film Awards Winners

In the 6th year of the competition, we received a lot of submissions of short films in a variety of categories that were no longer than 20 minutes. After some tough deliberation, our judges awarded over $60,000 in prizes to five impressive directors. David Christopher, President of AT&T Mobility & Entertainment, and Cathy Yan, Director of the upcoming Birds of Prey film met on the SHAPE stage to announce the winners of each category. In addition to the awarded prizes, each filmmaker got a one-on-one mentoring session with Yan.


The films told delightful and thought-provoking tales that moved the audience viewing them. You can still see all the films screening in the Screening Room at SHAPE. And the winners are..

  • Underrepresented Category: Jonathan Lewis for Sojourn
  • Films Shot on Mobile (films shot using a smartphone, drone, or tablet): Tonya Kay for The Ascension of Ava Delane


Amazing Exhibits That Show off 5G and Emerging Storytelling Techniques

VR Rockstar

We all have a story to tell. He’s rocking out before he steps into the volumetric video booth at the 5G StoryBooth.

Once video is captured you can see yourself from any angle on another device. You can turn yourself around, make yourself taller or smaller. You can even take this interaction home with you (the video that is…)

Who is ready for a roadtrip?

It can wait

On the topic of driving, these folks took the pledge to not use a smartphone while driving a car. You can take the same pledge at It Can Wait.

Red Hydrogen

Did you ever want to watch 3D on your phone without having to wear those glasses? That’s what these folks are doing. They’re staring down at the RED HYDROGEN phone and watching a 4View (think 3D) clip of Shazam! Those headphones they’re wearing are providing surround sound.

Red Hydrogen Phone

This is an idea of what the 3D video looks like on the RED HYDROGEN phone. You can capture 4View video on the phone and share with other RED HYDROGEN users. Want even more 3D content to watch you can rent 4View movies as well.

Strike a Light

There’s nothing like a little gameplay to show you the difference that 5G can make. There are quite a few more games like this in the Ericsson 5G arcade.

Spin the wheel

It’s not all fun and games at AT&T SHAPE. You can win prizes too! Spin the wheel for a chance to win a Game of Thrones water bottle, phone pop ring, a tote bag, or a combo.

Game of Thrones

Shape attendees love a little Game of Thones fun!

Dead must die

They could even kill a white walker in The Dead Must Die Magic Leap Encounter. Now that’s scary fun!

Harry Potter

Download the Wizards Unite app AR game? There magic all around SHAPE. Play the game to find it.

Disco Party

We closed out the first night of fun with a little disco at the LG party.


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