Published: Sep 22, 2017
Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Recap AT&T Create-a-thon in New York: Shorts that make you think

Author: Ed Donahue

AT&T Create-a-thon at SHAPE July 2017On September 8—10, the AT&T Developer Program hosted our second AT&T Create-a-thon in New York! We were so excited to go back to the big apple! We were truly inspired by the filmmakers who attended the event and enjoyed making new, creative friends. We kicked off the festivities on Friday at SubCulture, an extremely cool theater-venue!

On Friday night, we started out by thanking our media sponsors, All Creative NY Meetup and ProductionHub. Next, our featured speakers Michelle and Gloria, teammates who brought us the first place short Fresh Check at our Create-a-thon in March, shared some of their tips and tricks for having a successful weekend filmmaking experience. One useful piece of advice they shared was that the story is more important than the technical aspects of filmmaking. Having all of the best technical skills and equipment won’t make a boring story anymore compelling.

On Saturday, teams filmed on location all over New York! As part of the AT&T Create-a-thon, teams were able to borrow filming equipment. A new piece of equipment we had available was a Gimbal stabilizer for mobile phones. As a result of teams using this device, there were some really well-produced films that were contenders for the Best Film/Video Shot Using a Mobile Device prize. Teams filming on the streets of New York found that using the Gimbals made capturing footage a lot easier! We’re considering adding the stabilizers to the regular filming equipment loaner kits! Stay tuned on this development!

After a long weekend of filming and editing, films were submitted on Sunday afternoon. This deadline allowed us to screen 32 short films on Sunday! After deliberation, the esteemed panel of judges selected the following films as the winners.

Best Film/Video Overall

1st Place ($1,000)- A Stroke of Genius: This is a true story of an 11-year-old child, who suffered and survived a massive stroke. Most people could not believe, nor recognize the sign of a child having a stroke and knowing what to do about them is crucial in limiting the damage it can have on the rest of a child’s life.

2nd Place ($500) – Jane: The story of an AI gift that creates mischief amongst a couple.

3rd Place ($250) – Too Busy: A young couple strives to find meaning to life despite pressures from work.

Best Film/Video Shot Using a Mobile Device ($500) – Portrait: Filmed like a documentary, this short video delivers a powerful message to society about job hunting.

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A huge thank you to our event sponsors for helping to make this event possible!


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