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Published: Nov 26, 2018
Updated: Apr 16, 2019

AT&T Mixed Reality Hackathon with Magic Leap

Author: Jeana Chaffin

Recap: AT&T Mixed Reality Hackathong with Magic Leap – San Francisco

During the second weekend in November, the AT&T Developer Program hosted a very special hackathon: the AT&T Mixed Reality Hackathon with Magic Leap. This was our first hackathon exploring mixed reality and spatial computing with the Magic Leap One devices. We had over 75 teams apply to be a part of this hackathon and we invited the top 30 teams to join us at Colorbloq SF for a weekend of innovation, coding and community-building.

A creative space helped creative projects
A creative space helped creative projects

The hackathon kicked off with a welcome and review of rules and guidelines from Ed Donahue with the AT&T Developer Program. After the welcome, she handed the floor to Michael Hazani, Developer Evangelist at Magic Leap. Michael did a quick overview of the key features of the Magic Leap One and how to set up your development environment. magic-leap-hack-sat-morning-mdBecause the teams already had experience developing for the Magic Leap One, this talk went rapidly, and teams were able to start working on their projects right away.


When teams came back on Saturday morning, Magic Leap did a deep dive session into their APIs. Teams were able to ask specific questions and really think about how to use the APIs in their projects. Saturday was a big coding day with the Magic Leap technical mentors on the go the whole day. All of teams were able to access Magic Leap mentors onsite and they had an opportunity to check out a Magic Leap One loaner device.

Sunday was the big day for judging. To make sure that each team got to demo to a panel of judges, we sent judging panels to each team for a presentation and demo. The scores from this first round of judging determined which teams would present on stage and do a demo for the finalist judging panel. Huge thank you to our first round of judges and the finalist judges! They had a very difficult job of determining the winning teams. Check out the winning projects below.

Working together during Magic Leap

Thank you, 1st Round Judges:

Thank you, Final Judges:

Below you will find the winners of the AT&T Mixed Reality Hackathon with Magic Leap. If you want to be in the loop about our upcoming AT&T Developer Program events, make sure to join one of our nine AT&T meetups in Los Angeles, Orange County, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Winning team members

Best Overall Best App: Grand Prize

LifeScope: Extends LifeScope.io to make a XR digital memory for everyone.   Creates a personal time machine in social XR both on the web and in Unity.

Best Overall Best App: 2nd Place

Dr. Dodgy’s Intergalactic Augmented Reality Circus: An AR circus supporting the Magic Leap headset.  Using Augmented Reality to combine a live circus juggling show with steampunk/space effects from another dimension.

Best Overall Best App: 3rd Place

Magic Ideation: To reimagine the way of ideation using mixed reality.   An interactive spatial ideation tool enabling users to create, visualize, connect, organize, store and share ideas of different formats (text, images, audio, videos, 3D models and so forth) in a comprehensive yet efficient and natural way in mixed reality.

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