Published: Mar 30, 2018
Updated: Apr 05, 2018

Create-a-thon Recap: 63 Shorts that Focus on the Convergence of Technology and Film

Author: Ben Nelson

photo of film projectorOn February 9th, we traveled down to Cross Campus DTLA in Los Angeles, California to kick off our 2018 AT&T Create-a-thon calendar filled with excitement about what the new year would bring. We’re beginning the year with a Create-a-thon focused on the convergence of technology and film and adding a special optional challenge for creators to integrate the use of emerging technologies such as drones or 360 video into their solution. The local LA community did not disappoint. Over 350 passionate creators joined us over the weekend of February 9th to 11th to work on 67 total projects. On Sunday, the final submission count was an impressive 63 completed films including more than 15 entries that had taken on our optional emerging technology challenge.

Before we dive too deep into highlighting some of the amazing films and winners from the event, we’d be remiss if we didn’t first thank everyone that made this Create-a-thon successful. First and foremost, Cross Campus for providing us with such an amazing location that accommodated so many participants, and had two screening rooms so we could show each and every film entry. Our great sponsors at The Camera Division and Backstage for their support. Our esteemed panels of judges who volunteered their Sunday to review and provide honest feedback of the films. And finally, Katy Nicholson, an AT&T employee from Missouri who accompanied her son to the event, volunteered to assist with event production, and was an invaluable member of the team.

The first film we’d like to highlight is Jackson Market, an extremely well shot, well directed, and well edited documentary about the Jackson Market and Deli in Culver City. Although this film did not end up among our winners, it was truly an exceptional piece of filmmaking and I encourage anyone that enjoys human interest stories to watch and enjoy.

Also catching our attention was the short called Simon. The filmmakers describe it as “a dark short film about artificial intelligence in the home and what happens when it interfaces with every single part of our lives.” The team behind Simon took on quite an ambitious project and thanks to the strong acting performances they were able to create a successful short film in less than 48 hours.

The last film we’d like to highlight is Payback, our winner for the best use of emerging technology. Payback was a great example of how a filmmaker can use newer technologies, in this case a drone, to capture a unique shot and enhance the experience of the film for their audience. In this specific case, the teams use of a drone provided the audience both with a different view of the scene, but also assisted in the film’s pacing.

And without further ado the winners:

LA Create-a-thon Winners:

  • Best Film Overall:
    • 1st Place – On This Day
  • Best Film in Screening Room 1:
    • 1st Place – On This Day
    • 2nd Place – Payback
  • Best Film in Screening Room 2:
    • 1st Place – The Right Look
    • 2nd Place – Simon
  • Best Use of Emerging Technology
    • 1st Place – Payback
  • Best Cinematography (sponsored by The Camera District):
    • 1st Place – Post Time

In addition to the films above, our judges would like to express their admiration and honorable mentions to (in no particular order): Jackson Market, Share the Love, The Perfect Sandwich, and We Own This City.

Also worth noting is that one of our participants recently did a re-edit of the film she worked on at the event. Her film, X-GEN was recently selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner. Kate Rees Davies is the director of the film and is based in the Los Angeles area. She credited the AT&T Create-a-thon for creating a collaborative environment where she was able to meet the DP on her film. We’re thrilled to see her work recognized by Cannes!

As always, we’d like to thank all the amazing creators that participated in the event and encourage everyone to come to our next LA event at Cross Campus on April 6th-9th. Get more information about the event here.


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