A special thank you to all the attendees, vendors, and partners who have supported AT&T SHAPE. There are currently no planned dates for future SHAPE events, this site will be retired soon.

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Driving Business with 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing
Edge Computing
by Ed Schmit 02.18.2020 07:48 PM
Cloud computing is fully mainstream with the business world. Nearly all organizations use it in some form or another (94 percent according to one survey). They started with a single cloud instance hosted by a single provider and have moved on to multi-cloud scenarios and multiple providers.

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Get up to speed on how cloud gaming is changing the video game industry
Mixed Reality Gamer
by Ed Schmit 08.21.2019 03:06 PM
Cloud gaming is worth nearly $140B right now and will only get bigger. New entrants are making a splash, looking to be the market leaders of this emerging industry. Learn where we are now and where we’re going with cloud gaming.

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Day 2 Recap: Entertainment, Strong Female Characters, and Exhibits that Took Visitors into Alternate Realities
SHAPE 2019 Stage
by Dan McCorriston 06.24.2019 05:49 PM
The second day of SHAPE was even more exciting than the first—if that’s even possible. With an incredible line-up of speakers including Niecy Nash, Adam Silver, Danny Keens, Elizabeth Banks, Laverne Cox and Sherri Shepherd to name a few, there was bound to be some incredible experiences.

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Day 1 of SHAPE ReCap: Empowering Speakers, Space Exploration, and Immersive Experiences
by Dan McCorriston 06.23.2019 03:54 PM
Get a look at the event, see the interactive experiences, and learn more about what astronauts, Academy Award winners, filmmakers, and storytellers had to share at the event.

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Sneak Peek of SHAPE 2019 in L.A.
SHAPE 2019
by Dan McCorriston 06.06.2019 02:31 PM
Get a sneak peek at all you can learn and experience at the AT&T SHAPE event at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles on June 22-23, 2019.

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Is Content King?
Bharat Anand
by Andrew Keen 08.21.2018 03:45 PM
Is the idea that “content is king” mistaken? Hear what the author of The Content Trap: The Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change thinks it takes to make online businesses successful.

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SHAPE 2018: Where the Deeply Personal and the Blazingly Technical Intersect
Sean Combs at 2018 AT&T SHAPE
by Christy Roland 08.16.2018 03:30 PM
Learn how 2018 AT&T SHAPE speakers, exhibitors, and participants embraced both digital convergence, with a variety of mind-blowing technologies, and a passion for having every story find its audience and every audience find its voice.

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2018 SHAPE Exhibitors: Technology to Spark and Feed the Imagination
Fulldome.pro 360 dome
by Christy Roland 06.13.2018 03:51 PM
The 2018 AT&T SHAPE exhibitors put their own spin on digital convergence by creating leading-edge technology and providing hands-on enjoyment for conference attendees.

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Meet the AT&T Film Awards Finalists
AT&T Film Awards badge
by Dave Okamoto 06.03.2018 02:17 AM
In February, we called for submissions for the 2018 SHAPE edition of the AT&T Film Awards, an open competition seeking imaginative, undiscovered short films from aspiring storytellers. The time has come to announce the finalists. See the shorts that made the cut.

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AT&T Entertainment App Challenge
AT&T Entertainment App Challenge
by Ben Nelson 05.31.2018 05:34 PM
We invited developers, designers, and creators to use AI, VR,MR, AR, IoT, and robotics to hack the way we create and experience entertainment. We were looking for innovative ideas and solutions that can disrupt content consumption. See how you can be part of the judging.

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