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Recap: AT&T Create-a-thon – New York
February 2018 New York City AT&T Create-a-thon winners photo
by Ed Donahue 08.15.2018 03:15 PM
On February 23 – 25, the AT&T Developer Program hosted our first New York AT&T Create-a-thon of the year! Over 250 creators, filmmakers, and media makers showed up and created 52 shorts in just one weekend. Watch the winning films.

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Enter the 2018 AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon for a Chance to Film at Warner Bros. Studios
AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon for 2018
by Ed Donahue 04.26.2018 02:39 PM
Do you love film or video? Do you have a story to tell? We invite you to enter the AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon, a competition that challenges content creators and filmmakers to produce a short film during a weekend. Find out how you can spend the weekend of June 2-3 filming a scene for your entry on-site at Warner Bros. Studios.

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Create-a-thon Recap: 63 Shorts that Focus on the Convergence of Technology and Film
photo of film crew
by Ben Nelson 03.30.2018 03:00 PM
What happens when over 350 passionate creators based in LA come together to make shorts over the span of a weekend? 63 truly innovative and inspiring short films, with 15 of those entries using technology to help tell their stories. From a documentary about Jackson Market to an entry that used a drone to capture unique shots, you won’t believe which shorts won.

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32 Intriguing shorts from the AT&T Create-a-thon in Los Angeles
LA AT&T Create-a-thon winners September 2017
by Ed Donahue 09.25.2017 06:21 PM
Over one weekend, 32 teams took to the streets of Los Angeles to create short films on a variety of topics including a love story playing out on the stage of social media, a ride share gone terribly wrong, and how sometimes being yourself is the best gift of all. See which shorts won.

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Recap AT&T Create-a-thon in New York: Shorts that make you think
AT&T Create-a-thon at SHAPE July 2017
by Ed Donahue 09.22.2017 09:20 PM
Over one weekend, 32 teams took to the streets of New York to create short films on a variety of topics including how to spot a child having a stroke and making time to find meaning in life. See which shorts won and learn about the tool many teams used to create an entire short using a mobile phone.

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Lights, camera, action: Create a short film or video at AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon
AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon
by Ed Donahue 08.09.2017 09:20 AM
UPDATE: Winners Announced – See which shorts won

Find out how to get the chance to spend the weekend of July 14-15 producing a short film or video content on-site at Warner Bros. Studios at the AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon.

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Recap: AT&T Create-a-thon – Dallas
Dallas Create-a-thon screening
by Ed Donahue 07.21.2017 03:40 PM
What do you get when filmmakers and video creators come together for a weekend in Dallas to create shorts? Some inspiring and interesting women-directed videos that focused on the intersection of technology and film. See which of the eight teams won and watch their creative entries.

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Secret tips to help you succeed at an AT&T Create-a-thon
create-a-thon tips
by Ed Donahue 07.03.2017 06:32 PM
Have you always wanted to make a short or video over a weekend, but not sure how you can get everything done? We reached out to our first crop of AT&T Create-a-thon winners to get their tips. Some of the advice might even surprise you.

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Recap: AT&T Create-a-thon in New York featuring shorts with a new twist on popular cultural themes
NYC Create-a-thon Winning Teams
by Ed Donahue 04.10.2017 07:03 PM
We challenged filmmakers in New York to make a short over just one weekend. See what they came up with and watch the short films.

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Recap: AT&T Create-a-thon in San Francisco featuring a short thriller that will make you think
Team Make Great SF Create-a-thon
by Ben Nelson 04.10.2017 09:16 AM
San Francisco was the backdrop for our first Create-a-thon. Find out which of the six short films created over a weekend were the big winners.

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