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Category: Convergence

Definitive Guide to Transmedia Storytelling
overhead photo of highway interchange at night
by Christy Roland 10.23.2018 09:19 PM
We crave stories and the best movies, multimedia projects, and brands employ excellent storytelling. As the variety of devices and platforms available to storytellers has grown exponentially, the way in which we tells stories is changing as is the way an audience experiences them. This is the world of transmedia storytelling. Learn from experts in the field about best practices, which platforms are right for what types of stories, and examples of transmedia storytelling.

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Are Mobile Video Apps and IoT Disrupting the Personal Training and Fitness Industries?
photo of fit woman on beach
by Christy Roland 09.20.2018 02:13 PM
Learn about the limitations of IoT fitness devices and how personal trainers see their place in helping people meet their goals. Plus find a list of the most popular fitness and meditation apps and equipment.

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Experiential Marketing Tips and Examples from the Pros
Tom Maher
by Christy Roland 09.14.2018 08:25 PM
Experiential marketing is fundamentally changing how consumers view brands and subsequently, where their loyalties lie when making a purchase. But what is it exactly and does it really make a difference? Experts weigh-in with examples, tips, and why this isn’t a passing fad.

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New Technologies to Empower Artists
Wyatt Jenkins
by Andrew Keen 07.16.2018 05:12 PM

Andrew Keen interviews Wyatt Jenkins from Patreon re: new technologies that empower artists

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AT&T Futurist Report: Blended Reality–The Future of Entertainment, 5G, & Mobile Edge Computing
blended reality illustration
by Jeana Chaffin 06.26.2018 04:13 PM
Reality is up for grabs. The Internet is no longer a place we go to through our smartphones, laptops, or other connected devices. The network is becoming an overlay on top of our physical world. Over the next decade, most everything around us will become connected and interconnected, intelligent and communicative. Get the latest Futurist Report—Blended Reality: The Future of Entertainment, 5G, and Mobile Edge Computing.

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Convergence in Journalism: The Evolution of Traditional Media to Backpack Journalism VR, and Beyond
photo of people looking at devices
by Christy Roland 05.16.2018 09:26 PM
As more consumers turn to digital outlets to consume news, journalists and media organizations are reshaping their approach to content creation and distribution. Learn about how convergence in journalism is changing not only the way we get our news, but how reporters deliver it, and the new frontiers still yet to explore.

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Network Convergence 101: Examples and Perspectives that Form a Connected World
network convergence concept photo
by Christy Roland 04.30.2018 03:18 PM
Our world revolves around our access to media and technology, so we can do things like video streaming, internet shopping, and video conferencing with our peers, families, or friends. Network convergence is a key element to making it all possible. Learn what network convergence is and how it works, its infrastructure and history, challenges and successes, and what to expect next.

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What Is Convergence?
photo illustration of streaked lights in tunnel
by Christy Roland 02.09.2018 07:13 PM
A convergence is a union of two or more things. When things converge, the result is often larger, better, or stronger. Learn about convergences from the world of technology and the use of the word in other disciplines.

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Top Ten Convergent Movies in 2017
photo of people watching a movie
by Ed Schmit 02.06.2018 05:51 PM
Hollywood has adopted many of the advantages that come from converging technology with creativity. Check out our list of 2017 movies that benefited from the merging to tech and storytelling.

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Introductory Guide to the Hype and Hope of Hyperconvergence
closeup picture of equipment in a data center
by Christy Roland 01.12.2018 08:52 PM
Check any IT blog in the past few years, and you’re bound to see mention of one of the newest forms of storing data in a private cloud, hyperconvergence. Choosing a hyperconverged system may be all the rage now, but is it the right solution for your company?

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