Category: Augmented Reality

Designing for Mixed Reality: How to Think Differently
Mixed Reality with Smartphone
by Ed Schmit 05.10.2019 03:47 PM
Developing products for mixed reality (MR) poses interesting challenges for designers. As the disruptors, they’ll have to blaze a trail for the rest of the industry to follow. Read more about how thinking differently about MR can help.

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Getting Started with Mixed Reality & Why You Should Care
by Ed Schmit 04.11.2019 08:19 AM
Maybe it’s time to learn the skills and tools to give you real experience with mixed, augmented and virtual realities? This post for you.

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How Developers Built Winning Apps at First Magic Leap Hackathon
LifeScope side view
by Michael Pacholec 01.09.2019 09:16 PM
Are you ready to enter the Magicverse? If you’re curious about what it’s like to create apps on the Magic Leap platform, read about how teams at the first AT&T and Magic Leap Spatial Computing Hackathon went about creating their winning apps.

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Ultimate Guide to 2019 VR, AR and MR Conferences
photo of man using VR in front of monitors
by John Sunda Hsia 12.16.2018 08:37 AM

Interested in learning more about VR and AR? See a list of upcoming VR and AR conferences in the U.S. and Canada, along with the most noteworthy events happening in Europe and Asia.

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Surprising Secrets and Actionable Examples of Immersive Experiences
woman using vr headset
by Christy Roland 08.17.2018 03:03 PM
A truly immersive experience is one that creates a sense of flow and it can come in many different forms. In fact, you’ve probably participated in one and didn’t even know it. See our comprehensive list of examples and learn some secrets to creating the ultimate immersive experience.

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The Future of Immersive Branding and Retail
man wearing VR headset in store
by Christy Roland 01.12.2018 08:31 PM
In the latest Futurist Report, the AT&T Foundry has taken an inside look into the emerging technologies and startups shaping the Future of Immersive Branding and Retail. To better understand how consumer relationships with retailers will evolve, more than 25 experts in retail and technology that are driving innovations were interviewed, and five bold projections were developed to showcase what the future of shopping and interacting with brands could be like.

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3 Elements of magic and the bond between technology and illusion
Marco Tempest at AT&T SHAPE
by Christy Roland 09.07.2017 08:58 PM
At AT&T SHAPE in Los Angeles, cyber illusionist Marco Tempest demonstrated how magic and AR can merge to create fascinating tricks at his talk on “Inventing the Impossible.” He also shares his thoughts on collaboration, technology, and the role the magician plays in foretelling the future.

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How Virtual and Augmented Reality Are Changing Our Military
Gravity Jack
by Christy Roland 06.23.2017 03:42 PM
Big-budget Hollywood movies have been portraying soldiers using AR and VR technology in battle for years. But is it all just science fiction? Read on to find out how Gravity Jack is bringing some of these scenarios to life and how you can experience it at SHAPE.

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Seattle Hackathon recap: Winning AR and VR apps that make learning fun
AT&T Seattle Hackathon
by Ed Donahue 04.21.2017 10:53 PM
At our Seattle hackathon, held at extraSlice, developers created VR/AR apps that foster fun learning events. Find out which were the winning apps.

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Cross-Platform VR-AR: Developing a multi-user virtual and augmented reality experience
Cross-Platform AR/VR Demo
by John Sunda Hsia 02.03.2017 06:57 PM
An AR/VR demo at Shape had users interacting with a range of engaging experiences. Read all about it and see which one was the favorite.

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