Immersive experience
Using AI to Create Immersive Films
by Ed Schmit 02.26.2020 05:44 PM
Today’s moviegoers have a variety of options to watch their favorite films in. Digital AVX, 3D, DBox™, and more. New technology like virtual reality (VR) gives filmmakers a chance to create experiences that are more immersive than traditional films

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Driving Business with 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing
Edge Computing
by Ed Schmit 02.18.2020 07:48 PM
Cloud computing is fully mainstream with the business world. Nearly all organizations use it in some form or another (94 percent according to one survey). They started with a single cloud instance hosted by a single provider and have moved on to multi-cloud scenarios and multiple providers.

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The Powerful Combination of Machine Learning and 5G Networks
5G Network
by Ed Schmit 12.12.2019 04:28 PM
Every market and industry seems to be investing big money in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Cloud software, Internet of Things (IoT), fintech, big data, no matter where you look, AI is there.

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Looking Ahead to the Future of Mixed Reality Design
Man wearing MR goggles manipulating imaginary content
by Ed Schmit 11.12.2019 07:47 PM
Bridging the gap between creatives and developers – what’s not working, why, and how to fix it for your organization.

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The Rise of Esports and Impact of Technology
by Ed Schmit 10.16.2019 05:08 PM
With over 380 million global fans & $1b in revenues, esports is no fad. It’s a serious business that will only get bigger.

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How Technology is Changing Live Entertainment and Fan Experiences
Concert fan using mixed-reality goggles
by Ed Schmit 09.18.2019 08:23 PM
How we experience live entertainment is changing. Why go to the movies or a baseball game when you can experience it from the comfort of your own home instead? The right tech makes it easier than ever before.

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Get up to speed on how cloud gaming is changing the video game industry
Mixed Reality Gamer
by Ed Schmit 08.21.2019 03:06 PM
Cloud gaming is worth nearly $140B right now and will only get bigger. New entrants are making a splash, looking to be the market leaders of this emerging industry. Learn where we are now and where we’re going with cloud gaming.

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Day 2 Recap: Entertainment, Strong Female Characters, and Exhibits that Took Visitors into Alternate Realities
SHAPE 2019 Stage
by Dan McCorriston 06.24.2019 05:49 PM
The second day of SHAPE was even more exciting than the first—if that’s even possible. With an incredible line-up of speakers including Niecy Nash, Adam Silver, Danny Keens, Elizabeth Banks, Laverne Cox and Sherri Shepherd to name a few, there was bound to be some incredible experiences.

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Day 1 of SHAPE ReCap: Empowering Speakers, Space Exploration, and Immersive Experiences
by Dan McCorriston 06.23.2019 03:54 PM
Get a look at the event, see the interactive experiences, and learn more about what astronauts, Academy Award winners, filmmakers, and storytellers had to share at the event.

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Sneak Peek of SHAPE 2019 in L.A.
SHAPE 2019
by Dan McCorriston 06.06.2019 02:31 PM
Get a sneak peek at all you can learn and experience at the AT&T SHAPE event at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles on June 22-23, 2019.

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