Surprising Secrets and Actionable Examples of Immersive Experiences
woman using vr headset
Surprising Secrets and Actionable Examples of Immersive Experiences
by Christy Roland 08.17.2018 03:03 PM
A truly immersive experience is one that creates a sense of flow and it can come in many different forms. In fact, you’ve probably participated in one and didn’t even know it. See our comprehensive list of examples and learn some secrets to creating the ultimate immersive experience.

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SHAPE 2018: Where the Deeply Personal and the Blazingly Technical Intersect
Sean Combs at 2018 AT&T SHAPE
by Christy Roland 08.16.2018 03:30 PM
Learn how 2018 AT&T SHAPE speakers, exhibitors, and participants embraced both digital convergence, with a variety of mind-blowing technologies, and a passion for having every story find its audience and every audience find its voice.

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Recap: AT&T Create-a-thon – New York
February 2018 New York City AT&T Create-a-thon winners photo
by Ed Donahue 08.15.2018 03:15 PM
On February 23 – 25, the AT&T Developer Program hosted our first New York AT&T Create-a-thon of the year! Over 250 creators, filmmakers, and media makers showed up and created 52 shorts in just one weekend. Watch the winning films.

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